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The Princes in The Tower - Delving back into the 1400's we try to unearth the truth behind the abduction and probable murder of the rightful heirs to the throne. Richard the Third has long been suspected of this brutal act in order to gain the crown for himself. The heavyweight historians with opposing views battle it out on screen and the drama unfolds before you in this medieval 'who-dunnit.' Channel 4 with Oxford Film and Television


Speed King - The story of record breaking racing legend Donald Campbell, a man who held multiple world land and and water speed records. The story unfolds from what appears to be a jet-setting playboy, to the real truth of a man troubled by the ghost of his late father and who is driven to take greater and greater risks to achieve his goal, resulting in his death on a record attempt. A pleasure to be involved on this and with Ashley Gething in the directors chair as well as the finest editor in the land Mr Briggs I can truly say we made film to honour this British Gentleman. BBC1 with Tern TV.


Four born every second (Welcome to the World) - A Brian Hill film concerning childbirth around the globe. A delicate touch on the score for this, at times, harrowing documentary film. Brian filmed in Africa, Cambodia, USA documenting the lottery that is childbirth on planet Earth. This is a feature documentary and part of the 'Why Poverty" strand of films being made globaly with a target audience of 500 million people. A joy to work with Brian and Stuart again. Currently being featured in film festivals all round the world. See Brians trailer for BBC1 | HERE |


The Worlds Most Dangerous Roads- Ben Fogle takes us for a ride round Africa and attempts not to die whilst showing us how dangerous the roads are. Very African score on this one, drums and local instrumentation to help the tension mount BBC1


Corfu a Tale of Two Islands - A late night half hour slot for this 10 parter dealing with an island in crisis and its inhabitants struggling with the economic downturn in Greece. A lot of heartache, but with an equal amount of heartwarming stories. I used nearly all local instrumentation for this score .ITV 1


Poms in Paradise (season 2 ) - 10 x half hour re-commision of this popular series, going out after Emmerdale ! All good fun in the studio across lots of different genres. ITV 1


Confessions of an Undercover Cop- Sixty and Ninety minute documentary film. Mark Kennedy/Stone was an undercover police officer who infiltrated a group of political environmental activists and fed his 'masters' intelligence for seven years. Following the collapse of a trail where he refused to testify for the police, we are allowed exclusive access to him to find out the motive for his actions. Two versions of this film where made, one for Channel Four and a longer format for inclusion in the Sundance and Copenhagen film festivals.


Time Team 2012 Series - After becoming series producer in 2011, Jobim Sampson was after a fresh palette of music for the new series due to air in 2012. Working to picture on some of the shows and scoring an entire suite of music to enhance the entire series of this well loved programme, I had a thoroughly good time bringing it up to date. (Then it was cancelled, nothing to do with the music I hope) Produced by Time Team for Channel 4


Time Team Special - Terror Weapon of The somme. Series Producer Jobim Sampson asked me to score this film to picture. A longer version of the usual format as members of the team travel to The Somme to unearth parts of a massive WW1 flamethrower that was installed deep beneath the earth on the front line. Produced by Time Team for Channel 4


Poms in Paradise - 8 x half hour ITV1 documentary strand tracing the lives of British 'expats' who have made the big move 'down under'. Following the lives of a broad cross-section of characters, comedy and real life situations. Had an adience share of 4 Million. In commision for a 2012 series.


Muggers - Sixty minute documentary about mugging. From the mouths of victims and muggers we hear what goes on in the minds of both. This was the opening film of six films tackling the troubled nature of the UK in the 21st Century, harrowing tales from real people behind the headlines. Produced by Century Films for ITV1.


The life of King Abdul- Aziz - Historical documentary made with the Saudi royal family, telling the story of this political leader who following the discovery of the largest oil deposit in history took his country from a backwater to the forefront of the world political stage. The definitive historical record of this world renowned Arab leader. Traditional Arabic soundtrack using stringed instruments and percussion from the region.Produced by ORTV for world release.


To be Straight with you- LLoyd Newson of DV8 Physical Theatre ran into a few copyright issues for parts of this acclaimed production, resulting in him asking me to compose two pieces of music to replace two compositions that featured in the work. I found myself with my dance music 'hat' back on for a piece featuring Ira Madela Siobhan. I then produced a Jamaican dance hall track for him - all in a days work !


Contact - Sixty minute documentary showing as part of a BBC series about fragmented families. We meet a family who can only spend time together under the supervision of care professionals in a very open specialist environment. A telling tale of the 21st Century 'broken' home.Produced by Century Films for BBC.


The Bigamist Bride - Feature length documentary telling the tale of serial bigamist Emily Horne. Emily was the tabloid editors "wet dream" supplying all manner of lurid headlines following her decision to marry five men, without feeling it neccessary to divorce any of her previous husbands along the way. Brian Hill And editor Stuart Briggs shot and edited this with a stark, talking head style. I was able to write something very cinematic and thematic to complement. Produced by Century Films for Channel 4.


UNICEF FILM - Short film for theatrical release featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. This short drama shot in Rwanda highlights the ever present African AIDS crisis and is an attempt to "gee up" world leaders into honouring some promises. Produced by Century Films for a worldwide theatrical release.


The life of King Faisal - The definitive historical record of this world renowned Arab leader, featuring hard hitting political commentary from Henry Kissinger as well as commentary from world leaders and political heavyweights active during his long reign.Traditional Arabic soundtrack using stringed instruments and percussion from the region.Produced by ORTV for world release.


The Not Dead - (1x 90 mins) Documentary film from the BAFTA award winning team of Brian Hill and Stuart Briggs.This moving film sets the stories of war veterans to poetry specially written by Simon Armitage. Based around three central characters we learn how PTSD has come to rule their lives. I used a broad palette of music, moving from contemporary classical to stark modernism and large cinematic pieces, but with one central feel - pure emotion. A joy to work on. Produced by Century Films for Channel 4 with a theatrical release. Grierson nominated


Pope John-Paul II (the early years) - Drama documentary charting the life of Karol Wojtyla during the war years in Poland. We Follow the young Wojtyla struggling to survive in German occupied Poland and learn of the events that shape his life, ultimately putting him on the road to The Vatican. Choral themes and a cinematic orchestral feel helped underpin the dramatic scenes that accompany this elegant programme. Produced by Wall to Wall for BBC1


The Worst Journey In The World - (1x 60 mins) This intimate drama tells the little known story of the polar explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard who was part of Scott's last expedition. Bill Wilson, 'Birdie' Bowers and 'Cherry' set off to lay food depots for Scott's assault on the pole and also to find an Emporer Penguins egg for research into embryonics.The title lives up to its name as the journey decends into a hellish nightmare. Starring and scripted by Mark Gatiss (League of GentIemen) this drama needed a classical feel to the music with plenty of emotion. Piano themes, String quartets, Celestas and Cellos really complemented some excellent acting performances. Produced for BBC4 by Tiger Aspect


Building The Future - (4x 60 mins) This Multi-million pound flagship series for Discovery worldwide is made up of Four films. Each film tackles different aspects of mans need to cope with global issues such as climate change and the unpredictable forces of nature. I was invited by Rod Parker, the series producer, to be sole composer on these films. My brief was to make the music complement the incredible HD images on screen, treat it more like a slick drama and really flex some composer muscle across multiple genres of music.The result was a lot of work I'm very proud of - from Led Zep influenced live drums and guitar to cinematic awe. "I'd like to thank the Academy etc etc.." Produced by Wall to Wall for Discovery Worldwide


David Beckham - A Footballers Story (1x 60 mins) This film is a revealing biography of superstar footballer David Beckham, destined to be the definitave biography of his professional carreer in Europe. Filmed in various European locations over the course of Spring 2006, interviewer Tim Lovejoy talks to David and Victoria Beckham about life in the media spotlight, and the reality of fame and fortune. I wrote a hip hop soundtrack, interspersed with really downtempo chilled grooves, and acoustic guitar riffs, for this stylistically visual film. Produced by Century films and 19 Management for ITV1


Mammals - Growth In The Womb (1x120 mins) Following on from the definitive film about human foetal growth, this programme takes us through conception to birth of several species of mammal. I used a palette of orchestral instruments to convey the awe and wonder of the subject matter, many of my trademark lavish themes - then introduced a darker element using contemporary music as a couterpoint. Hugely rich in CGI, incredible model work and high production values, I worked closely with director Yavar Abbas who filmed all over the planet for this stunning film. Produced by Pioneer Productions for Channel 4 and Nat Geo


The Spy Who Conned Me (1x 60 mins) Stylish and slickly shot film exposing the bizarre world of evil con man Robert Freegard and his claims to be an M15 agent. Director Damon Thomas wanted an acoustic palette of sounds for this, and I obliged, playing acoustic guitars, mandolins and live percussion, mixed, with all the 21st century studio has to offer in the way of an eerie sonic backdrop to complement this chilling tale. The result was a haunting film that lingers long in the memory. Produced by Century Films for Channel 4


The Great Sanfransisco Earthquake (1 x 120 mins) This 2 hour drama documentary commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San-Fransisco earthquake, which all but destroyed the city. The drama is seen through the eyes of Six people who all lived through this traumatic event, and the documentary straddles the two centuries with a historical narrative relevant to the real life experiences of these characters.
Musically this film demanded everything. An action score with a delicate touch reflecting the huge themes of the subject matter ; Death, destruction, despair and joy. Produced by Darlow Smithson for Channel 4 and Nat Geo Emmy Nominated


Naked Science (7x 60 mins) This series is the USA’s highest rated science documentary strand.
Pioneer Productions executive producer Stephen Marsh invited me to compose the music for over half the 2005 series. Working closely with Six directors I was able to indulge myself musically across many genres of music for the following diverse programmes ;

1. Bullets - An extreme film showing the destructive force of all manner of ballistics.
2. Loch Ness - The continuing hunt for “Nessie”
3. Birth of the Earth - Epic CGI rich film charting the birth of our home planet
4. The Big Freeze - Examines the chances of an ice age in modern times
5. Close encounters - Alien visitation
6. The Moon - Charts mans enduring relationship with the moon
7. The Sun - The mother of all life on Earth

From Huge orchestral themes, to blasting rock guitar, from delicate cinematic soundscapes to electro shock break-beats, a bit of surf music , some reggae etc. etc.... this series has a bit of everything. Produced by Pioneer Productions for Nat Geo


Secret Quakes (1x 60 mins) This programme examined the little known phenomenon of European earthquakes and charts their history over the last 300 years as we go on a mysterious journey to find out how they could affect us today. I wrote a quasi classical soundtrack for this programme with a distinctly gothic feel. Produced by Cicada Films for Channel 4 and Nat Geo


Fooling Hitler (1 x 90mins) This drama shot on film was set during world war 2 and followed the heroic efforts of Britain’s counter espionage depts. and their plans to feed Hitler and his war machine false intelligence.I wrote for this film as if it where a Hollywood movie and my orchestral score (played in part by members of the LSO) reflected the period and subject matter with lavish symphonic themes and more than a musical tug on the heart strings as we join ‘our boys’ and their schemes which ultimately help to win the war. Produced by Tiger Aspect for ITV and National Geographic.


Deep Space (1 x 104mins) Documentary charting mans obsession with all things alien - This film spans our earliest and our latest ‘encounters’ with extra terrestrials. My eerie sci-fi score complemented the archive and dramatic reconstruction elements of this film seamlessly blending both old and new ‘E.T stories’ with a 21st Century musical continuity. Shown as the centrepiece of a Channel 4 themed evening. Produced by Oxford Film and Television for Channel 4


Amazon Adventures (1 x 104mins) Director Susannah Ward takes us on a historic cinematic adventure to the legendary amazon rain forest. Seamlessly blending drama and documentary this visual feast was a delight to write a musical score on. Using a palate of native instrumentation mixed with huge cinematic themes we are transported to a time before deforestation where Teddy Roosevelt and his fellow pioneers ‘discovered’ this beautiful natural wilderness. Produced by Pioneer Productions for Channel 4 and National Geographic.


Mutants (Programs 1+2) - This 2 x 1-hour documentary mainly shot on film is an incredible visual realization of Armand Leroi's work on genetic mutation. RTS Award winning director Philip Smith takes potentially difficult subject matter and produces two visually beautiful films. Working closely with Phil my 90 Track cinematic and contemporary score complemented his stunning images perfectly. Produced by Tiger Aspect. Shown Channel 4 and Worldwide.


Mutants (Program 3) - The final part of this beautiful documentary series. 1 x 1-Hour is directed by Damon Thomas. 40 Tracks of music and pictures combine forces to create a truly memorable visual experience. Again shot mainly on film. The images were so impressive that I had to raise my game to match. Award winning stuff. Produced by Tiger Aspect. Shown Channel 4 and Worldwide


Shroud of Christ? -Director Alex Hearle. Takes us on a 1-hour cinematic voyage to discover the myth and mystery surrounding the Turin shroud. Large cinematic and contemporary score reflected the epic nature of the subject matter. Shown Channel 4 and Worldwide. Produced by Pioneer Productions.


Psychics -Moving and emotional film charting the history and rise in interest of psychic phenomena worldwide. This 1 x 60 minute documentary formed the heart of a channel 4 themed evening. Produced by Juniper.


Friendly Fire -History of so called “friendly fire” military incidents. Bespoke dramatic soundtrack reflecting delicate subject matter. 1 x 60 minute documentary. Shown Channel 4 and Worldwide. Produced 3bmtv.


Destination Mars -This 3 x 1-hour award winning film set new standards in science documentaries. Filmed across the globe we chart mans fascination in understanding and traveling to the red planet. Massive score, written mainly to picture, combining cinematic and contemporary themes. Produced by RDF Media. Shown Channel 4 and Worldwide.


Tim Roth -Gritty Biography of this versatile British actor, shot over a summer, on film, in Los Angeles. Subtle cinematic soundtrack complementing the Hollywood backdrop. Shown by Channel 4, Produced by RDF Media.


The Man Who Saved Children (International Version) -Stunning realization of the life and work Thomas Coram. Period recreation required a subtle quasi-classical score. Produced by RDF Media. Shown Internationally.


Rolex Giraglia -Lavish Rolex sponsored factual sailing program. This 4x1-hour documentary shown on BBC 2 follows a season‘s yacht racing in all the most glamorous locations. Action filled and cool soundtrack to match visuals. Produced by Transworld International.


Inside Sailing - Monthly CNN Sailing News Update Produced by Transworld International.